For an expert witness, consider reputation, location and cost

Jason Turchin, a Weston, Florida, lawyer, has successfully used expert witnesses from fields in which there are not many experts, including the relatively new field of automobile air bag injuries.

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Tech comes naturally to ‘digital native’ millennials? That’s a myth

For Fastcase founders, the message is: Change, and do it faster! (podcast)

Sorry, technology isn’t easy—you take the time to learn, or you lose

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Reinventing Professionals

Reinventing Professionals

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Poll: What question does this lawyer have for his robot witness?

  • 43.72%
    “Do you really expect this court to believe that this was your original idea, and that a light bulb just went off in your head?"
  • 28.14%
    “From the look on your face it seems pretty easy to push your buttons.”
  • 28.14%
    “Sir, say bleep one more time, and you will be in contempt of court."

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The art of getting clients to pay (podcast with transcript)

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