Tech knowledge makes lawyers more productive, and could be key to increasing access to justice

The faith we place in our future selves is near limitless. The me-of-tomorrow is going to be more disciplined and diligent than the me-of-today. Getting to the gym. More sleep.…

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Legal Rebels

Mandatory tech CLE: An idea whose time has come

Does machine-learning-powered software make good research decisions? Lawyers can’t know for sure

Competence-based CLE: A different way to learn

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Cady Bar the Door

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Posts about federal securities law enforcement, insider trading and criminal news-of-the-weird that hits the appellate courts.

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Poll: Which coffee caption has the best flavor?

Man holding giant coffee cup talks to coworker

  • 42.21%
    "You have a big trial coming up?" "No, just a meeting with a new client who says 'It's a simple divorce case.'"
  • 30.8%
    "I promised my wife I would limit myself to one cup per day."
  • 26.99%
    "I mean, if they'd wanted to limit the size of the refill cup I can bring from home, they should've put that in writing."

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How lawyers can negotiate for better salaries and positions (podcast with transcript)

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